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Double sided T-Sqeez for double the impact!

T-Sqeez - many proven uses - great advertising idea!

A T-Sqeez business card?
Why not!

Ready for a Spot of tea?

The simple cuppa!

An indulgence for millions of people worldwide. They start and end each day with a cuppa, and indulge in several more during the day.

Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.

Time for a Cuppa?

Think about when it's time for a cuppa.... it's time to relax... to open ones mind to all sorts of possibilities...

How receptive are you then when you see an ad for 'a hidden paradise... on the beach' as you carefully squeeze your tea bag... without burning your fingers... without dripping tea all over the floor!

T-Sqeez puts your business message in front of very receptive tea drinkers, and saves them from performing an elaborate tea-bag-string wringing ritual!

What a great advertising idea for motels, hotels, cafes - any tourist related business! Serve your own special T-Sqeez tea with your advertising message on the squeezer!!!

It's a terrific souvenir idea too - tea bags are great collector items!

The T-Sqeez is not limited to the tourism industry! Any business can benefit... especially if you've got a cute phrase to catch attention.

T-Sqeez is sure to be a crowd pleaser! This unique advertising technique is practically guaranteed to get your message read!

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