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Quickdraw's Tea-Bag Squeezers
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    0457 038 369
Email enquiries can be made to hueyshaw@quickdraw.biz

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Presentation Pack

Looking for something to say 'Thank You' or 'Merry Christmas' to a valued client? A T-Sqeez Presentation Pack might be just what you're after!

Price: $4.00 AUD
Tip: Convert into your local currency.

Additional Information:

TheT-Sqeez Presentation Pack features tea bags with your customised message printed on the squeezer, in cellophane gift pack of 10 units with ribbon tie.

A very simple concept, but appealing to millions of tea drinkers worldwide... T-Sqeez will help people remember your business...

Why? Because you saved them from an elaborate tea-bag-string wringing ritual with the remarkable T-Sqeez

And... they are very receptive to your advertising message at the time they are sitting down to relax with a cuppa! Get extra mileage from your advertising with your business message printed on both sides of the T-Sqeez tea bag squeezer.

What a great promotional idea... and very collectable too. So unique, people will show it off for you!

Viral marketing at work for your business!

Minimum order 100 packs of ten at $4.00 a pack.

  Ph: 0457 038 369   Email : hueyshaw @ quickdraw.biz